Lyrics: Mommy, mommy I love you mommy This is your special day Flowers and presents And breakfast in bed Whatever you wish for I'll give you instead Mommy, mommy I love you mommy No chores for you today Bear hugs and kisses To show how I feel I love you mommy dear Baking, cooking Washing and working Making our house a home Always helping Care for my well being I never feel alone Mommy, mommy I love you mommy In all your special ways So on every second Sunday in May We' ll celebrate Mother's Day母親節就是今天!聽這首歌,看每一幅美麗的母子圖,心中充滿感動。媽媽為我們做的太多太多,一生也無法報答。祝福天下媽咪,母親節快樂! 



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