The year of rabbit is coming soon. 
Would you like to make a rabbit on your own?
You can give it a try.
Step by step, and you will create a lovely one!

Here we go. 
See? Emma and Geoffrey made it! We are fond of origami rabbits!  For more details, please visit the webpage:  Origami Bunny For more reference, please look over Rebecca's blog






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  • terribl2002
  • 這莎也有做ㄟ!也是參考Rebecca 老師的點子 ^^
  • Dear,原來妳根我一樣是夜貓子,這麼晚還在看文章。

    Catherine 於 2011/01/28 01:08 回覆

  • lief
  • 有隻兔子的眼神超迷濛的,哈哈哈...
  • 我的學生 Emma 做的。

    Catherine 於 2011/02/09 22:03 回覆