Use this rhyme when you want the students to listen to directions.

Here are moose's antlers. (make antlers on your head)
Give the moose a tap. (hands tap alternate shoulders)

Now we take our hands. (fold hands)
And put them in our lap. (put hands in lap)
Wash the dishes, (fists rotate around each other)
Wash the dishes.
Wipe the dishes. (rub hands)
Ring the bell for tea. (pretend to ring a bell)
Three good wishes, (tap heart three times)

Three good kisses, (touch lips three times)
I will give to thee. (point to self and someone else)  

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  • terribl2002
  • 好棒的分享ㄟ! 相信teacher Catherine的storytelling一定很精彩
  • 希望如此。希望 story time 能帶給孩子們幸福感。

    Catherine 於 2010/11/30 23:49 回覆

  • lief
  • 揪團來去聽Catherine說故事
  • 這麼給面子。謝謝啦。

    Catherine 於 2010/11/30 23:52 回覆